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Fill out the fields below to have your music featured on the blog. Ensure that all the information you forward to us is accurate and correct before submitting. Any faults in the titles / headings / and other text included are of the owners sole responsibility to rectify before it’s forwarded. AYEBRO reserves the right to reject material be it at a level of discretion management will make a final call on. Submissions with just a link only will be automatically deleted.

NOTE: Add any links – images/links to images – information (etc)  you’d like to be mentioned with what ever has been submitted. Please use the free file uploading sites to upload your audio files found in the FAQ section.

It is urged that the more tools available to the team will reflect a better light come time to post your submission on the blog. It’s also recommended that people take the time to read the FAQ page to save any relapse of mistakes occurring with this process.

For International submissions, please visit this link.

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