AYEBRO’s media center hosts a gallery of 100% ‘kiwiana’ produce with an assortment of accessible features.

  • BEHIND THE MUSIC: An in depth breakdown of a release (album/s [etc]) by the actual artists own accord. Be more informed on what was involved in the making of the music with a track by track dissection.
  • INTERVIEWS: Ayebro’s ‘Ear to the Street’ series, ‘Skype Sessions’, ‘Catch Up’ interviews plus video/audio interviews from external sources.
  • OVERSEAS INSIGHT: AYEBRO reaches off-shore to educate and keep the masses in the know of ‘who-is’ living Hip-Hop / R&B by briefing a short text/audio/video interview to promote what they’re all about.
  • REVIEWS: Here you’ll find an array of freelance write-up’s that promote music / events featured on the blog.
    NOTE: Views / statements publicized are that of a single individual and are not in all cases shared by AYEBRO.

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