• Do I have to register in order to comment on the blog?

No, Registration isn’t needed of anyone wishing to comment, However an authentic email address needs to be verified. An automated e-mail will be sent to that address with instructions on how to complete the confirmation process. Once all steps have been done successfully you’ll be able to comment freely without having to be moderated. Failing not provide a valid e-mail address will lead to those comments being placed in AYEBRO’s spam folder and eventually deleted.

NOTE: You must continue to use the same e-mail address when lodging comments to avoid subsequent moderation or removal of those posts. Also, if you have not received the verification email, please check your spam/junk folder.

  • How do I download music from AYEBRO’s website?

Certain audio will have a readily download link available and usually is always located at the bottom of those posts, but in case your unable to access that option try venturing into the blogs “Downloads” section to view an archive of what has been filed. All the download links can be found there listed on a single page.

NOTE: Some tracks / mix-tapes (etc) aren’t available for download. Files hosted by AYEBRO are on behalf of the artist and the links are more than likely external ones.

  • Why can’t I view the most recently added download links via the “Downloads” section?

In order to see the new download links it is required that your web browser page is refreshed by either clicking the “Refresh” button or by pressing the “F5” key on your keyboard which will then effectively reload your page and reveal the new download links.

  • How can I send my music to AYEBRO?

Local NZ peeps can send their music related work through the “Music Submissions” page located above the logo at the very top of the blog by completing the form. Those outside New Zealand/International peeps can use the “International Submissions” page.

NOTE: AYEBRO does not have an upload feature so the information submitted should have links to your material (i.e.:) SoundCloud, BandCamp, Mediafire (etc)

  • Where can I upload my music online?

There are several places for an artist / musician to have their music hosted on the web. Here are a few popular avenues to explore which are absolutely FREE as well.


NOTE: The websites above are easily embedded on the blog. So your music will be accessible via those networks.

Other recommended places of interest to upload your music or even larger files (i.e.:) mix-tapes / albums (etc) are: (Updated: May 2013)


NOTE: Some of these websites require the potential users to register, but don’t shy away as the process is easy and straight forward. AYEBRO acknowledges that MediaFire, Mega and SendSpace have superior download speeds.

  • How do I enter AYEBRO’s competitions?

Each competition will have a set of rules stipulating how to enter / win.

NOTE: AYEBRO competitions are ONLY available to people who reside in New Zealand.

  • How does this AYEBRO Top 5 work?

AYEBRO appoints a person within the team to select a “Top 5” from what ever has been posted (tracks ONLY) from that particular week beginning from Sunday week ending with Saturday. Results are then posted on a Sunday and made AYEBRO official!

NOTE: AYEBRO reserves the right to change this procedure.

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