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23.03.17: Added 9-5ers – Close To Home
18.03.17: Added The Doqument – The Doqtape
22.02.17: Added .hans. – 1995
30.11.16: Added Frankie Daggers – Service Station Sushi
29.11.16: Added Winter Solider ’01 – Tamonten’
28.11.16: Added Winston Anthony – MidnightRoad.TheGreyArea
11.11.16: Added Haz Beats – E5



Maitreya – Te Puna Reka: The Sweet Flow EP Presents The Hurricane Edition Black and Yellow Mixtapes
Makteeno – The Rehab
Mareko & Savage – Blood On The BBQ
Mareko – Hong Kong Food City
Mareko – My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad Raps (Mixtape)
Mareko – Blues VS Crusaders feat. Cyphanetik, Seka & BasicOne
Mas Hunt – Silent Assassin
Matimus – Class of 2012
Matimus – In The Beginning
Matimus – Kiwiana Lifestyle
Matimus – Stage II
Matimus – The Off-Project
Max & Raiza – Caged Lion E.P
Max Marx and Friedrich Calloway at Carnegie Hall (E.P)
MBM – The EP
MeloDownz – Beginners Luck LP
Merc Swazey & NettsMoney – CASH
Merc Swazey & Nettsmoney – LOUD
Merv – Old Beats
Messiah – Potential E.P
Mic G – And they say it don’t stop
Mic G – As High As I
Mic G – More Than Rap E.P
Michael Clifton – Unchecked Horizons EP
Midnight Gallery Presents ‘First World Problem’ EP, an Exhibition by Edgar
Mike Ruckus – Smoke Something Part I
Mikey Dam – Autumn
Mikey Mayz – Glory Dayz
Mikki Dee – Ruffa Than Ever
Mikky Rockwell – Freestyles
Miks – Do Circles
Miks – Skim’d MILK (Beat Tape)
Miks – Underground Outer Space
Misk – Black On Black
Miso Shiru – Quit Snitchin’ Volume 3 Vol. 1
Mitch Ley – Overthinking
Monsta – That Twerk feat. Raze (Single)
Monsta – Wesperados ft. Yukmouth & Ganxsta Ridd (Single)
Mount Eden Scare City – Darkside of the Goon
Mr Asia – Last Man Standing E.P
Mr Sicc – Episodes Of A Hustler
Mr Sicc – I Don’t Give A Damn
Mr Sicc – On Deadly Grounds
Mr Sicc Presents Sicc-Face “Tha Killa & Tha Lunatic”
Mr Sicc Presents Tha Movement – Gettin’ Mine
MTC – Speed Of Sound Vol. 1
MTC – Speed Of Sound Vol. 2
MTC – Speed Of Sound Vol. 3
MTC – Speed Of Sound Vol. 4
MTC – Speed Of Sound Vol. 5
Munashe – 1st Impression
N.I – Instinctive (Mixtape)
Neesh – Flight School
Negative – No Ordinary Female
Negative – Not What You Expect
Neighbourhood Watch Vol.1
Nikki Montana – The Epiphany
Nikki Montana – The 11th Hour
Nikki Montana – XXX 
NONYMYZ – The Winter
NorthGraveBeats – Rotten Face (Tony Jones)
Nume Presents: The Big Freshh E.P
OBC – Deadly With the Melodies E.P
OhOneOh & Kaiaa Smith – Rosecamps One Hand Clap
ONE5 – Final Notice
OneMic Records Presents – Thugarilla The Mixtape
OneMic Records Presents – The Eclipse Compilation CD
Orakle Instrumentals Vol.1
P-Money – You Already Know
Pakkz & Albino – How The West Was Won
Pakkz – KillemWitSteez Vol.1
Pakkz – Westside Classics 2
Pakkz – Westside Classic 3
Pakkz – Westside Classics 3.5
Pakkz The General – Kill Em Wit Steez 2
Paul Williams – Rhymin’ & Garfunkel
PHD – Permanent Head Damage
PHD – Free Booze EP
Phouler – Barmageddon EP
PMC033 – Finest Ego | New Zealand / Australian Beatmaker Compilation
PNC – On The PNC Tip
PNC – Under The Influence
Poetik – The Ambassador
Poisonous Youth Mixtape
Polytek – Alumni
Portz x Homebrew Remixes
PotHeads Presents – Gutta Howse – Sex, Drugs & Hiphop Vol.4
PotHeads Presents – Gutta Howse – Sex, Drugs & Hiphop Vol.5
ProCity Claim – EPK 2011
PT Perfect – Preseason EP
PuksObvs – No Sympathy
PuksObvs – Pure Un Kut Smoke EP
PuksObvs – Pure Un Kut Stimulant E.P
PuksObvs – Skunkiez & Cordial (Mixtape)
Pyro Da Maniaq – Pyroclastic Flow Da Mixtape
Pyro Da Maniaq – Tungz of Fire
Pyro Da Maniaq – Universal Language
QDES – Checking You Out
Raiza Biza – Day & Night EP
Raiza Biza – Dream Something LP
Raiza Biza – Summer
Raiza Biza – The Imperfectionist
Raka Trent – Loyalty
RakaTrent – Yung Alcoholic
Rap$on – T.G.I.F
Recommended Dosage – The Rek Dose Mixtape
Red Eye Society – Hush
Rei – C.H.I.E.F
Resin One – Grapevine Catalyst EP
Resin One – Immature Wisdom E.P/Mixtape
Resin One & Mugz – Church Of R.O.A.M
Resin One vs Orphan
Rex Martel – The Death Of Mareko
Ridge Jaggers & Ozone – South D Breeze 8103
Riz Kid – Too Little Too Late
Rizvan – Gemini II
Rizvan – Gemini E.P
Rizvan – Lost In Translation (1993)
Rizvan – to e la’a [sunset]
Roque – Past Sense: A Time Capsule EP
Rory Noble – 0six City Volume 1
Rory Noble – Thirty 5
Ruinz – Not A Mixtape EP
Ryvalis – Mixtape
Ryvalis – The New Aryval Is
S.F.T – Interpretations
S.F.T – Yellow Tape
S.F.T x INF – #swinglife Beat Tape
S.K.C – Freeze 2 Mixtape
S.K.C – Sick Ones
S.K.C – Smoking The Globe Out
S.K.C – The Rhyme Invasion
S.K.C – Urban Art Warfare
S.K.C Underground – Dose ‘N’ Deps
S.K.C. FREEZE – Dose ‘N’ Deps – The Mixtape
S.K.C – We Dont Playboy
S.S. Hunt – Beneath the Mayhem EP
S2N – City E.P
Sammy Gallows – Blessed Are The Sick
Sammy Gallows Mixtape
Sammy Gallows x Vampts – The Lazarus Effect
Samuel Truth – Past Tense E.P
SAS – First Strike
Seymore – MCMCXI (1991) Mixtape
Shansun – Angel (L.P)
Shansun – Game Over
Shansun – Last Dayz EP
Shephurd – Beat-Bix Pt.1
shouldBsweet – Neapolitan Notes
Sid Diamond – Cohibas & Cuba Libres
Silverback Gang – Mixt-Ape Massacre (2011)
Silverback Gang – Mixt-Ape Massacre Vol.2
Silverback Gang – MixtApe Massacre Vol. 3
SikeOne – Damage Street Tape
SikeOne – Higher Power EP
Sir T – Get Ready Mixtape
Sir T – Street EP
Sirkuss – The Dark Side Of The Sirkuss
Skeemy – Culture X (Mixtape)
Skeemy – Skeemy (Mixtape)
SkinnyBeast – Drugs E.P
Slip Of The Tongue – The Trouble With Vin
SmokeyGotBeatz – #Terrific
SmokeyGotBeatz – Spooky ShiT
SmokeyGotBeatz Presents ‘SWIDT vs EVERYBODY’
Sophisticated Horiz – Aural Translation
Sophisticated Horiz – Your Survival Guide EP
SoulChef – Remember When LP
Soulemotives – Soul Motive EP
Soulpreme & Co – Sound Soulection
SoulSupreme – Animal Sh** EP
Speakeasy Sideshow – Moon Money
Spearman – The Silver Spear (Beat Tape)
Spell – Beat Tape 2005
Spell – Malenko
Spell – Sith Alchemy 10: Delirum Beat Tape
Splitting Atoms – Walk The Walk
Splitting Atoms – Walter White
Spreading The Sickness – 2000 & Still 2 Sick Vol.1
Spycc & INF – Summer Madness
Spycc – Self Progression EP
Spycc – Wuavé Season
Stanley Te Hira – Good to Go
Stanza – Executioners Perverted Intentions
Star Ace Presents: Impakt – Feats and Unreleased Compilation
StayHighMusic – South x West Beat Tape
Steez – The Alter Ego Mixtape
Stooshking Music the Mixtape Vol.1
Stranger – Man vs Wild: Fuckn Shit Up (Album)
Street Productions Presents ‘Street Proz’ Volume 1
Street Proz – Forever EP
Street Proz – #MurderMixtape
Street Proz Instrumentals Volume 1
Supernatural Klash – Luminous
Swamp Kid Orchestra – Don Croot Sesh
T13 – Do It Different
Ta-Ku ‘Day & Night’ E.P
Ta-Ku & Fundamentalz – Just Listen
Ta-Ku & Haz Present: June
Ta-Ku – Tribute “Dilla” Beat Tape
Tama Gotchi – Chaotic Trigger Instrumental Set
Tarms Etc – The Track Record: Road Of The Beast
Tausani – Confessions of A Time Traveller EP
Team Dynamite – The Demo Tape
Team Dynamite – The Happy Days
TeeZee – Sikk Vendetta
TeeZee -Tha Infected Disc 1
TeeZee -Moist Musik Disc 2
TeeZee Presentz “Bodybag Season” Mixtape
Tenda McFly – GettingMAD
Tenda McFly – Mama Said Take Everything (Mixtape)
Tenda McFly – The Story Of My Life
Tha Movement – Backyard Homegrown
Tha Movement – Otara Machete Massacre
The Doqument – The Doqtape
The Benjamin Friday Cloud Musik Mixtape
The Funky North – Breaking Rules Vol. 1
The Gift – Rhythm & Writtens
The Gift – U.N.I.Verse Mixtape
The Illastratorz – Godz-Illa 2012 EP
The Illastratorz Presents TMP and LAZ Kompilationz
The Jewel School NZ Music Mix 2014
The League – Promo E.P
The Message – A Peek At Life Mixtape
The Message – The MesTape Vol.1 Mixtape
The No Problemos – Peace of Mind
The No Problemos – Somethin’ Real
The Triple Threat Mixtape
Third3ye – 3P
Third3ye – Earth Raps EP
Thundakatz – Get It Done Mixtape
Times X Two – Accents Of A Foreign Nature
Times x Two – Unforgettable EP
Tipene – Tautoko E.P
TNT – The Next Generation
Tokie Konez – Royal Flush
Tony Douglas – Arcade EP
Total Eklipz – Tha Mixtape
Tourettes – Dead Dogs Dance
Trent – Cloud Life (Mixtape)
Truce Lee & The Benjaminz Present A Few BBQ Beats Part 1
True – The Truth Hurts Mixtape
True – Trueluminati
True Nelly – Eastside State of Mind
Tsunami Showcase Vol. 6 – New Zealand Tsunami
Tyson Tyler & DJ SMV – Paperchase Mixtape
Tyson Tyler & DJ Truent – Real Name No Gimix
Tyson Tyler – Ballin On A Budget
Tyson Tyler – Odds & Ends
Tyson Tyler – Target Practice
Uptown Swuite – Beneath The Lights
Uptown Swuite – Church Street Blues
Us – The Spirit Animals EP
vDUBB – Welcome To The Game
Vicious Villain and TeeZee – NZ’s Most Wanted
VILLAINS: C.O.V II – Tha Rapscallion Ressurection
VILLAINS: C.O.V III – The Green Room
Villains – City Of Villains Mixtape
Vinny Veccetti – Anything Goez The Mixtape Vol.1
Vinny Veccetti – Backyard Rumorz
Vinny Veccetti – The Barbwire Mixtape – Anything Goez Vol.2
Vinny Veccetti – The Offcutz Mixtape
Virus – Age of Anxiety
Vomitous Talk – The Road Less Traveled
Vomitous Talk – Tongue Is Blade
Willie Wes – The City of $ale$
Winston Anthony – MidnightRoad.TheGreyArea
Winston Anthony – Side Chick
Winston October – The Cosmic KID
Winter Solider ’01 – Tamonten’
Winter Soldier – Foxy Black Album
Wox Pierson – ThasurFace Mixtape
XCeeD – All Chokes Aside
Xtrakt – #XTRAKTHEXECUTIONER Mixtape (X-Edition)
Xtrakt – SOUTH EP
Y S – 1988 (Mixtape 2013)
Young Tapz – Forest
Young Lean – Worth The Wax EP
Young Sid – Domestic Disturbance
YounG-World – The Arrow EP
Yung Shottaz – Curtain Raiser
ZU – Chilla (Instrumental) EP
ZU – Look Book: Side A
Zu – Nike Demos Mixtape

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