AYEBRO will co-ordinate beat maker / producer battles at any given time. The structure, regulations and rules are subject to change pending on what is announced, but our typical flow for this section is fortnightly. Future or first time participants can look forward to more of the following:

Anything Goes: Full creativity is to be had with 1 exception, that being the ‘snippet’ provided has to be incorporated in the final product.  Entries will then be posted on the blog proceeding the due date and closing of that specific round.

Sample Pack: A pre-made pack of samples will be provided and are in this case the ONLY instrumental tools to be used through-out the composition. AYEBRO’s designated judge will green-light the one who prevails.

Remix Showcase: The acapella is provided to which then you’d have open free-range to what is matched against those vocals. As is with the other competitions a certain amount of time is confirmed before judging (by the acapellas owner) commences and is decided. The winners remix could then be considered for that artists next project granting both parties involved agree to those terms.


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