AYEBRO is N.Z’s No.1 underground Hip-Hop and R&B web site. The brain-child of two individuals (Mas Paselio & Nick Harrison) had humble beginnings, Initially starting as a Forum in 07’ along side a collective of home-grown ‘heads’ which gave a realization on how much of a demand there was for a centralized spot for people alike. One year after conception there was a transition to what now is commonly referred to as ‘That Blog Your Cuzin Told You About’.

AYEBRO is your one-stop medium for Aotearoa’s aspiring musicians to partake in any of the following: Network amongst peers, Gain exposure, Market themselves, Promote their music, plus be subject to a public audience. Services listed are provided absolutely FREE! Since birth management of AYEBRO has now grown into a team that co-ordinates the happenings of what is seen, posted, uploaded direct to you.

AYEBRO are believers in granting people the opportunity to be exposed and ideally excelling in what ever chosen art-form they’ve taken up. AYEBRO encourages scrutiny of a constructive / positive nature to help rather than hinder the artist/s – This is communicated through the comments section. It’s paramount that the community see’s AYEBRO in a light of being an absolute provider when it comes to chances and services. There are filters in place to protect what AYEBRO would deem of an acceptable standard when broadcasting material on the blog.

The sites maintenance falls on the crews efforts to up-keep the general running just to ensure what AYEBRO has become reputable for is delivered without compromise. So it’s official that in summary here you’ll find a platform to launch from – Word of mouth says who’s the enablers AYEBRO.

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