AYEBRO Top 5 | October 2017

Published On November 5, 2017 | By Leon Witehira | Top 5

Ayebro Top 5 | October 2017

1. Machete District – Real Life

Real Life hollers no frills authenticity. No Fly Zones premiere act proves why. An absolute bangin’ beat, ragdolled by bully raps from the District. If you disagree, consider yourself a certified hater. Big Trouble in Little Polynesia is out now!

2. ImaGe – Hood Dreams

ImaGe and MIKS arent strangers to this and its evident from the drop. Flows easy to follow with the head nod coming naturally. Actuality rhymes are a personal fav of mine. Go cop the Take a Trip E.P for more of that goodness.

3. Sapelu Cartel – Rules

Sapelu Cartel consists of iLLa and Steez from Manurewa, South Auckland and Killaflowz hails from Porirua, Wellington. Coined as the extended family of Machete District, this trio lives up to the reputation. Rules is super nice.

4. iLLa – iLL Behaviour

iLL Behaviour off of the iLLADVISED E.P is an ailing joint. ILLa has a mature vibe for a youngster. This resonates in the very sound hes created. The flow always hits the mark, on point

5. 9-5ers – Future

So, 9-5ers are a newly formed collective of seasoned artists. The production is a harmonious cross between Black Seeds and Home Brew . Future has an innocence to it that appeals. The visuals, the music, so kiwi


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