Review: Resin one vs Orphan

Published On August 28, 2015 | By Hp | Reviews

Holly Mackerel! Let the raps spill, is not only a great opening line, but hell, both Resin One and Orphan mean it when they take up their respective positions on this collab EP. Both Resin one as an MC and Orphan as a beat maker excel with frenetic energy here. It’s indeed that energy that really sparks with both of these gentlemen and their guests including the one and only King Kapisi. Add this to the fact you can download this for free/koha, and there is nothing stopping this little collection of five songs.

Opening  with BOOM and yes, it is in ALL CAPS just like Madvillain. That might be because the hook on this track is intense and the verses too have a real emphasis behind the delivery. This and the hulking beats makes BOOM and the second track, REVIVAL, powerful numbers that are bound to amp up any situation. In fact it’s almost a relief for the slower and more poignant track, BEST FOR YOU that comes next. This song’s story telling shows a different strength to our hero’s superpowers, but also reinforces that these guys are coming with strong hooks, great delivery and varied sound scapes all of their own.

The delivery from Resin One can be a little pedantic and metronomic in places and so King Kapisi’s frantic flow is again a nice change on the track MINDSHIFT. Changing up rhythms and pushing lyrical boundaries will turn a great little EP from two stunners into a stellar full lengther when they come back.

By Hp


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