Review: Wuavé Season EP by Spycc

Published On July 27, 2015 | By Hp | Reviews

Onehunga and Young Gifted and Broke (YGB) bright spark has a new EP out. It’s super smooth and will swim down ear holes everywhere. Partly that’s because you can download it for free or koha and partly because David Dallas shows up on a track and he’s a helluva draw card, but mostly, this EP shows off the next generation of smooth rappers with flow to burn.

Spycc has a strong sense of nostalgia here. Whether he’s talking about his childhood with his neighbour on YKM (You Know Me) or the 90’s influenced beats and tape deck clunks. What works for him though, is that even though there’s shimmering 90’s LA-styling, when he picks up the pace like in the title track, he sounds slick and modern. It’s this split, his ability to change up his vocal delivery and sound sharp over swooshing treble that means he’s almost able to sit in two camps and that’s what makes this EP great.

The other key point that makes Spycc an MC to watch is that so many of the six tracks on this EP could be Summer Hits. Other Lover for example has the silky R ‘n’ B vocals of High Hoops to help push it over the line. His storytelling skills and suave delivery will have us to holding our collective breath for a full-lengther.

By Hp

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