Exclusive: Mareko – My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad Raps (Mixtape)

Published On March 28, 2011 | By Mas Paselio | Projects & Downloads


Big shouts to work horse Big Rex aka Mareko – Too much uso!

Mareko Blog



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11 Responses to Exclusive: Mareko – My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad Raps (Mixtape)

  1. The Truth says:

    Sounds fucking mean, just listening to the first set of tracks….DLing now….How is this Exclusive when its feat on hiphopnz too??

  2. Mas Mas says:

    @The Truth: Sup, it was an exclusive to us by Mareko giving us the right to post it up first. This was posted yesterday arvo and the one on hhnz was posted today – Chur

  3. Sophisticated Horiz says:

    Its Dope as F@#$ too bro! Shot big Rex!

  4. marekothehorse says:

    thnx for the feedback peoples. too much, appreciate it! working on some more shit at the moment. should be out 2014 lol. kudos to the ayebro machine! malo lava Mas, :P @the truth: yeah its definitely an Ayebro exclusive. Even the Dawnraid website links it from here. There was a mix up in the camp about that hhnz post. its been removed tho. anyhoo, feel free to share the link and spread the music. shout outs to rhyming!

  5. The Truth says:

    Fuck this tapes killer….glad I could start some comments up in this bitch…for some reason cats seem like they dont wanna comment on a lot of the posted stuff….its called feedback peoples…

  6. Rimoni says:

    Nice work fulla – you sound alot more comfortable on here than in Heavy Rotation and even Evolution. Keep up the good work – on a more regular basis ya momo – ditch the ghetto hard drives :P

  7. Frantik says:

    those bitches over there…. mean tape bro. all the best on the future releases.

  8. Jai says:

    Hey mate, I want to make a similar blog can you email me with some guidance?

  9. Jai Mcdowall says:

    This is the first time ive come to this site, its actually not bad.

  10. Brent says:

    Killer mixtape – Mareko you da man bo, best MC in NZ for real, no homo just straight up truth! GET A FUCK BITCH! hahaha…

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