Deach – We Move The Crowd Feat. Kayo & Ethical [AYEBRO EXCLUSIVE]

Published On July 7, 2010 | By Harris | Audio

Shot for the hook up MTC. Vision is coming on the 19th of this month.

Heres the tracklist for Vision:

1. “Vision” – Produced by Ice

2. “‘Til I Say So” – Produced by Twice As Nice

3. “Deachy is Back” feat. Tyree & Young Sid (Smashproof Remix). Produced by Twice as Nice

4. “We Don’t Know” – Produced by Twice as Nice

5. “Never Knew” featuring Abby Lee – Produced by Twice as Nice

6. “We Move The Crowd” featuring Kayo & Ethical – Produced by Twice as Nice with DJ cuts by DJ Taktix

7. “Make It On My Own” – Produced by Twice as Nice

8. “Tears” featuring Kayla – Produced by Twice as Nice


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13 Responses to Deach – We Move The Crowd Feat. Kayo & Ethical [AYEBRO EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Twentee Therd says:

    MTC pulling out the big ones for twentee ten, mad props

  2. spurs says:

    8 songs ?????????? is that it, i wont be spending my $22 on this, i love mtc aswell but 8 songs come on man, wasnt really expecting much from deach anyway cus he is allways the weakest on any smashproof song but he coulda put more effort in than 8 songs ! damn,

  3. KirkMTC says:

    It’s not a full priced album, so you needn’t feel ripped off Spurs. It will cost the same as the Kidz In Space E.P/mini album, which is available on iTunes for #12.53

    We are using this format for several of our forthcoming releases – Sir T, Kayo, Neesh… We are all about getting more releases/music out frequently, so this format works for us.

  4. Twice As Nice says:

    Deach really stepped his game up with his debut solo release and is more than worth your money .

  5. ladyesque says:

    its called an EP douche features!

    shot boys, this song is fire!! release party when??? hehe

  6. spurs says:

    o ok ok my bad i apologise ! il get it off itunes when its released, for $12.53 cant complain, my bad !!!

  7. dubsmith says:

    itunes release only? Should be an interesting listen, see how Deach has progressed on the solo tip

  8. KirkMTC says:

    No we will be making a limited run of CD’s too

  9. Basic says:

    first listen i liked deech’s verse on this

  10. dubsmith says:

    Sweet chalk me up for a hardcopy then

  11. ENVIOSO says:

    gotta give it to Deach for trying not my fav stuff
    it was going to be a mission to climb as High as Sid and Ty
    but respect is given where its due

    Envioso Kap da E allday

  12. drekwon says:

    do u have a homebase in would be mean to get down with MTC.ima producer/artist underground strait owtta wanguz but living in briz city.peep tha soundclick for beatz.i should have some flowz floating over tha net somewea

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