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Produced by Chong Nee

Check it out bro, we are back at it again. Download the instrumental, do your thing over it, can be a 16 or a complete track.. then send it in before the cut off date. Simple as that.

Mareko will be picking his fav for the winner.. so dont come weak.

The winner will be recieving the Deceptikonz catalogue of albums including Deceptikonz “Evolution: Past, Present and Beyond” which is coming out July 5th. Tell a friend. 

Deceptikonz – Elimination, Mareko – White Sunday, Alphrisk – The Best Kept Secret, Savage – Moonshine, Deceptikonz – Heavy Rotation,  Mareko – White Sunday 2: The Book Of Mark, Devolo – Heaven & Hell, Savage – Savage Island

All entrys are to be sent to: harris@ms-ayebro.co.nz

Cut off is July 4th (Midnight)

So stop reading,

Download the instrumental here,

And get writing.

Go hard bro.


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26 Responses to AYEBRO PRESENTS: The Legacy Comp

  1. Radirah says:

    are they signed?

  2. the-one says:


  3. FORTAFY says:

    my fav beat of the album

  4. genociderap says:

    Dope Comp..I think the Prize should have been a 16 from Mareko For the Winner though…Still an awesome prize..

  5. Harris says:

    good idea bro…

  6. genociderap says:

    thats why im here bro..lol..good to meet ya the other week man..Im sure i’ll bump into you again along the Journey..

  7. Harris says:

    for sure brother!

  8. TMG says:

    ouuush can you get us a verse up for grabs? lol

  9. seka says:

    where do people post them up or yous just gona put them all up at the same time when theyve been sent in?

  10. seka says:

    @TMG: hard bro or a chong nee beat :P

  11. seka says:

    @seka: my bad just read that shit properly lol nevermind

  12. Melz says:

    mean, well i dont see many females up in the mix or is that not allowed??? haha i agree with my bro Genocide! great idea.

  13. Mas Mas says:

    @Melz: All good for females in the mix!

  14. yeah hard ill lace it aswell and chuck it up with the winner. harris what we rapping about? are we rapping bout how were the best in the universe? meaaaaaaan!

  15. Mas Mas says:


  16. The Truth says:

    did it have to be one of the slowest beats on the album? haha, bit slow for IM THE MEANEST MAN OUT track….mean even a mareko 16 on there..,

  17. lol. yeah it is a bit mellow for that aye. just do your thing mate! good luck!

  18. TMG says:

    hope i can come up wit somethin to contest alotta dope emcees’….people call me lazy but I get busy like crazy, so you better wish, I dont bone the flesh of ya lady, I ain’t a thug but I wreck harmony, unlike eric, I do it right, for the music and not the love of the money lol

  19. The truth says:

    put it on wax mate……haha

  20. TMG says:

    haha if I get confident on my delivery and rapping skills I will. lyrical content aint no thing though lol

  21. Melz says:

    @Mas thanks Man :)

    ye this b my type of beat :) mello thats me hahah i got the hook yo!

    this site is mad i get to hear from alotta bruthaz i aint seen or heard frm in ages. shouts 2 Truth,Seka and Geno.

    yeah gon be dope to hear the end product!

  22. INF says:

    Ouushh… Man… Full on this week so much shit happening havnt had the time to sit and write or even make a beat… GO HARD PEEPZ!!!

    Much Love.

  23. Swervin says:

    Yo when will the winner be announced?

  24. Mas Mas says:

    @Swervin: Yeah, Mareko has been busy with this whole DKONZ Grand Finale concert and other things too, we’ll keep you guys updated real soon, most probably find out before the week is out! :P

  25. suspkt t.g.a says:

    im the best in the world the universal man on the moon,ali and tyson in there prime lines hit from the mind my mic hands a harpoon,aint got money 4 studio time but i gt rythm,and lyrics slick enuf 2 middle finga the critics,soon as i spit it,the most uplifted with flow style past gifted,they couldnt catch my drift if the got ripd in a current,suspkt is one a the ruffest infect cyphaz like torrents,shud let 4 corners know im on the down low,and like youngsids music im undisputed so my heads were the crown goes,the flow sounds like theres no ground how i be flawless,im a butche with beef how u know im all about that raw shit,flow dizy enuf 2 leave u nauxious,so wen u tawk it,ensure that u can walk it as a vital precaution

  26. D'Mo says:


    i dropped on it.. just a 16

    i kno im late, i jus fucked wit the beat alot

    if you wanna hear, peep


    all goods!

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